I'm Amy. I enjoy fandom, credit where credit's due, pandas, pop-punk, and piercings. I write but rarely post any of it online.

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Warnings: I reblog a lot, swear quite a bit, I don't always tag spoilers because I'm forgetful, and this blog probably isn't SFW. Occasionally may be triggering regarding posts about anxiety, depression, grief, weight issues, dermatillomania, etc.

This blog is sex positive. And Harry Potter positive. Always. I love you already.



Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fantastic movie!”


"There were a lot of issues with GotG that should be addressed and Marvel should work on improving with future movies."


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"I hate the idea of lonely. And I hate the reality of attachment."  - Reyna Biddy (via splitterherzen)

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This isn’t my typical type of post but it is super important.

If you catcall at someone *especially someone you don’t know* you’re not only coming off as a total disgusting creep but you’re also driving the stigma that women are solely there for your entertainment which is one of the grossest ideas ever.

It’s not flattering

It’s not a compliment

It’s a way dehumanize women and turn them into sexual objects

If you really want to impress a lady treat her like a human fucking being and keep your nasty comments to yourself.

His gross face and the way he claps gives me the chills. That is so fucking creepy.

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if you didnt have an avril lavigne phase youre a liar

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The Wind Rises

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